The must-have equipment for your first camping trip

New to camping? Don’t worry; we’ve put together a list of the basics you need to get you started on your adventure!

For many, camping is the epitome of adventure and means escaping your familiar surroundings to experience nature more closely. To make this step out of the comfort zone successful and turn it into an unforgettable camping trip, we’ve put together a list of essential camping gear just for you.

  1. The tent: your home on the road

The most important item on your camping gear list! Your tent is your home when it comes to camping as it protects you from the sun, rain, pesky mosquitoes, and, if necessary, the stares of your neighbours. The choice of tents is wide and to find the right one for you, you need to ask yourself the following questions:

What kind of trip will I use the tent for? If you are planning a mountain, cycling or kayaking trip, size and weight are decisive factors.

How many people should it accommodate? Especially if you are travelling without a car, you should always consider the size of the tent to have extra space to store some things.

2. Sleeping bag and mattress: Temperature is essential for your comfort.

How you decide to handle your sleeping situation is an important factor when camping. That’s why it’s important to pay special attention when choosing both the sleeping bag and the camping mattress. Also, choosing a sleeping bag depends on when you plan to camp: extreme weather conditions or a mild temperature? When buying a sleeping bag, you should always pay attention to the size, quality, material, and above all, the temperature it can withstand. Sleeping bags indicate the outdoor temperature range at which it is advisable to use them.

To improve the thermal performance of your sleeping bag, you can use an insulating mat or mattress. This makes sleeping on the ground a little more comfortable and keeps you warm because it blocks the cold coming from the ground.

3. Camping chair: Small and light or more comfortable?

Boy sitting in a camping chair. Camping gear for beginners

With a camping chair, you can make yourself comfortable inside and outside your camping tent.

The comfort level can vary depending on how much luggage you want to take with you to the campsite. If you only travel alone with your backpack and therefore have to pay attention to size and weight, you will probably choose the lightweight three-legged folding stool model. But if neither size nor the weight is an issue when packing, for example, if you are travelling by car, there are also more comfortable chairs with backrests, armrests and drink holders.

4. Cooking utensils: To the table, please!

Whether it’s the classic fried egg for breakfast or Pesto pasta for dinner, with the right camping equipment, you can prepare delicious meals while camping, even without access to a kitchen. A portable gas cooker is essential, and these are available in different designs and price ranges. Essentially, these cookers differ in the way the gas cartridge is connected to the adapter. On the one hand, screw-in cartridges are usually a little more expensive than lancet cartridges but have the advantage that they are easy to store and reuse.

In addition to the portable cooker, you will also need cooking utensils to prepare your meal. These are usually made of lightweight aluminium and can be stacked to save space. A set usually contains pots, plates and cups. It would help if you also remembered how to clean them, such as a sponge for washing dishes and a cloth for drying. By the way, with a small coffee pot in the luggage, caffeine addicts don’t have to do without their morning boost when camping.

5. Water bottle: plastic or metal?

Person pouring water into a mug. Camping gear essentials

Staying hydrated is very important when camping, as with all outdoor activities. So a large water bottle is also a basic necessity to be fully equipped. Not only can you fill the bottle with drinking water, but you can also use it to carry water for cooking or washing up. Bottles are available in different sizes and different materials.

Plastic bottles are particularly light and resistant. But if you want to do without plastics, you can use aluminium or stainless steel bottles instead.

6. A torch: Safe on the road, even in the dark

For getting in and out of the tent at night, don’t forget your torch. These are available in a wide range of designs and sizes. The range of options is enormous, from the standard battery-operated lamp to the dynamo torch with the capacitor. A headlamp can often be advantageous, and by carrying it on your forehead, you always have your hands free. If you happen to have forgotten your headlamp, your mobile phone can help you out. Almost all smartphones have a torch function.

7. First-aid kit: A must-have for all camping equipment.

Even if you prefer never to need it, it is always a good idea to take a first aid kit when you go camping. This is because cut and abrasion injuries can commonly occur with any distraction and require special care to prevent inflammation, especially in the open air. In addition to bandages and adhesive plasters, a first aid kit should also contain gauze, a heat pack and a rescue blanket.

With this basic camping equipment, nothing will stand in the way of your camping holiday. So get out of your comfort zone and go on a camping adventure!

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